Instant Issuance enables new and existing customers to walk into a branch, receive a fully functioning, active payment card with a PIN that customers can define themselves…all within minutes. In a world where technology is ever evolving and consumers are increasingly demanding, HST’s Instant Issuance Solution provides an opportunity for financial institutions or retail establishments to truly differentiate themselves amongst the competition. HST’s Instant Issuance solution offers a high level of security for a nominal investment of money and resources along with the flexibility of support for a wide range of equipment from different manufacturers.
Instant Issuance offers financial institutions a great opportunity to transform branches into customer service centers providing:
  • Improved customer experience – account holders can receive new or emergency card replacements immediately
  • Reduced costs – packaging and shipping & handling costs are eliminated with instant issuance
  • Enhanced security – HST’s solution is fully compliant with security requirements and the risk of cards being lost or stolen in the mail is eliminated from the equation
  • Competitive advantage – speed, convenience, personalization and value are hand delivered to the customer in an instant
  • Improved card activation rates
  • Card holder can choose their own PIN
HST Instant Issuance Solution is flexible in that it adapts to your current equipment or preferred vendor. Our solution can be easily integrated with Evolis, Matica, Magtek , Zebra and other printers. In addition, cards can be printed as magnetic stripe or EMV chip, contact/contactless or dual interface technology.
Instant Issuance offers financial institutions a great opportunity to transform branches into customer service centers providing:
  • Cards can be personalized with photo-cards, picture-cards or customer selected background images
  • Bar codes and different levels of information can be included
HST has over 20 years’ experience deploying banking, SmartCard and EMV applications in financial institutions of all sizes throughout the Americas. Our highly secure solutions follow payment industry standards and are PCI and EMV compliant in addition to complying with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Diners security requirements. HST is a Visa Technology Partner and a MasterCard accredited company for EMV and 3D Secure.
  • Cryptographic processing is handled thru HSM
  • Key Management is handled thru HSM
  • Can handle encrypted input/output files
  • End-to-end data encryption during entire card issuance process
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