HST provides a complete self-service solution for ATM and kiosk applications which comprises every aspect of development, management, control and support. Our solution is suited for financial institutions of all sizes and is multi-vendor, multi-OS, multi-language and multi-currency.
HST’s Self-Service solution is flexible and allows users to explore the opportunities of this channel by offering new, dynamic products. We offer such novel options as bill paying, remittances, ticket purchasing, advertising, etc…
Terminal Drivers
HST Terminal Drivers allow the bank application to access terminal functions in a standardized manner, disguising the complexities of the terminal from your application. Using HST Terminal Drivers, hardware manufacturers can easily integrate new products by taking advantage of our expertise and achieve a faster time to market.

HST Terminal Drivers are based on standards such as XFS or J/XFS. We can also provide tailor made drivers based on your specific needs.
Application Framework
HST’s Application Framework is a comprehensive tool for the rapid development of terminal applications; it allows your institution to get your new products to market quicker and in a more cost effective manner. The Framework consists of pre-built functional components which are tested and proven by hundreds of thousands of terminals all over the world.

The Application Framework is highly flexible and platform independent. It provides an integration platform for devices, which enables access to all peripheral devices for application programs in a standardized way. Terminal devices include: cash recycler, cash dispenser, printer, card reader, PIN pad, sensors, biometrics readers, etc…
Terminal Applications
HST offers a self-service application customized for our clients’ needs. Our applications are designed for Cash Dispenser Machines, Smart Depository, Recyclers, Kiosks, CashLess Terminals and Money Exchange Machines among others. The HST Terminal Application services are centrally managed and easily deployed on any combination of vendor terminals and models. The Smart Client application installed on each terminal device contains all of the local workflows required to guarantee flawless operations in an unattended mode. HST Terminal Application is a true multi-institution solution and the multi-institution features include segregated information storage and access, support for bank groups and hierarchies. The software can automatically use the cardholders profile to present the appropriate screen layouts and marketing campaigns regardless of the actual ATM being used. HST Terminal Application is EMVCo and PCI compliant with a full range of services which are configurable to individual client’s needs.

HST has over 20 years’ experience developing EFT applications for financial institutions in Latin America. By taking advantage of our expertise you can focus on your core business and we will guide you and share our best practices and help you introduce new products that make sense for your business today and tomorrow.
Sample HST Terminal Applications
  • HST CashXpress: designed for retail institutions, offers fast services for customers such as Inquiry, Withdrawal, Prepaid Credits, Bill Payment, Transfers between Accounts, etc…
  • HST SmartDeposit: designed to handle cash deposits on a terminal. Provides real time money verification which may be used for online reconciliation with customers’ account.
  • HST CashLessApp: designed to be used on kiosks or terminals with no cash handling. This is ideal to offer EMV services, Inquiries and Transfers.


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