Central card issuance allows personalization bureaus or financial institutions to efficiently print high production volumes of personalized EMV cards from a secure, centralized facility. This process ensures secure production and at the same time guarantees compliance with strict global standards such as the ones defined by PCI, Visa and other brands.

HST’s Central Issuance Solution provides a number of important benefits that allow users to preserve their investment and plan their growth strategy:
  • By allowing clients to determine their architecture scheme, they can effectively pace their growth as well as distribute their work load:
    • Scenario 1 Central Location: 1 large printer in 1 centralized location. Benefits = large production volume, more robust machine:

    • Scenario 2 Growing with the business: a number of mid-range printers in 1 location. Benefits = pace your growth investment, distribute your work load:

    • Scenario 3 Regionalized Issuance: a number of mid-range printers distributed throughout multiple locations benefits = proximity to customers, diversification of locations/markets/countries, controlled growth strategy, preserve your investment:

  • Our solution accommodates most brands and printer models so the client can choose the best option that suits their current and future needs.
  • Technology support for contact/contactless/dual interface
  • Multi-brand and full profile support
  • Cryptographic processing is handled thru HSM
  • Key Management is handled thru HSM
  • System is compliant with PCI rules
  • Can handle encrypted input/output files
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