HST DataPreparation is the very first step in the EMV migration process. EMV DataPreparation translates the data from mag stripe and generates cryptographic and application data required to personalize and encode the chip. Cards can be issued in either Batch Mode, for Central Issuance or Online Mode, for Instant Issuance in branches or stores, or for NFC, depending on the customer’s needs. HST DataPreparation has built in components to allow Symmetric and PKI Key generation and management, Certificate management, BIN Configuration and Card Template Management, which allows customers to define chip applications layout.

HST EMV DataPreparation contains the following features:
  • Can be configured for different input file formats
  • Can generate different output file formats such as: P3, CPS, customer defined…
  • Generates information for single or multi-application cards, (able to handle applications for different PANs in the same card)
  • Easily configurable and supports a wide range of technologies and card products
  • Supports HSMs from multiple manufacturers
  • System is J2EE compliant and can run on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris
  • Web based administration interface allows users to operate the system from anywhere inside the enterprise
HST EMV DataPreparation keeps track of all relevant information processed. The system can generate reports containing total records processed, aggregating records by product, branch, result code and others. Reports can be generated in different formats like CSV and PDF. The system also generates detailed reports, containing information for each record processed.

  • Visa VSDC
  • Visa Paywave MSD/qVSDC
  • Visa DPA (Dynamic Passcode)
  • MasterCard M/Chip/CAP
  • MasterCard Paypass
  • Diners/Discovery (CPA)
  • EMV Private Label
  • Contact/Contactless/Dual-Interface
  • Cryptographic processing is handled thru HSM
  • Key Management is handled thru HSM
  • System is compliant with PCI-DSS recommendations
  • Can handle encrypted input/output files
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