HST EMV Transaction Processor is designed for Issuers needing to authenticate cryptograms or generate scripts for their EMV cards. The application runs with the authorization system, fraud management system or switch, receiving all chip data coming from any channel connected to the Issuer. The system provides chip data authentication and enhances fraud prevention processes.

HST Transaction Processor provides card issuers with the ability to dynamically update EMV parameters on Smart Cards after issuance. The solution also allows customer PIN change. Issuers can enable their cardholders to select, change and unblock their PINs quickly and easily at any branch or self-service terminal.

Fraud Prevention
HST Transaction Processor has a built-in verification check that prevents fraud such as wedge devices, card cloning and others. Through the user interface, Issuers can define multiple verification profiles that enable the most verification checks suitable for each situation. Profiles for on-us ATM network, local acquirers, international acquirers and others can be created. Considering that on-us ATMs are a very controlled network, issuers can have a very restrictive profile for transactions generated in these machines. For local acquirers it can be less restrictive.

HST Transaction Processor can store all EMV information from transactions for several months. Through the user interface, fraud prevention and security teams can inspect the information received in user friendly mode. Fields like TVR (Terminal Verification Results) and CVR (Card Verification Results) can be easily decoded and have their meaning described in human language. All the information is stored in accordance with PCI guidelines.
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