ATM Center Suite is an integrated platform to manage self-service terminal networks. It is a modular based, multi-vendor solution. HST has over 25 years’ experience in electronic payments with thousands of terminals running on our ATM Center platform.
The main characteristics of the solution:
  • Multi-Vendor – ATM Center platform allows for true independence from hardware providers with no vendor lock
  • Device Agnostic – possible to manage different types of devices aside from ATM’s; kiosks, cash recyclers, POS terminals
  • Multi-Organization – one single ATM Center installation can provide service to various entities and markets
  • Modular – allows for flexibility and for new functionalities to be added quickly and economically
  • PCI & EMV Certified – includes complete auditing of all client actions

The modules include:
  • ATM Electronic Journal
  • ATM Monitoring
  • ATM Remote Key Load
  • ATM Advertising
  • ATM Application
Provides data for common terminal activities:
  • Terminal Downtime and SLA control
  • Terminal Uptime control and terminal usage (measuring customer usage, not just powered on)
  • Detailed hardware failures such as: communications, out of cash, part failures
  • Ability to view or configure terminals by groups
  • Ability to measure transaction failures and customer behavior
  • Ability to monitor Cash counters online, per cassette
  • Ability to upload advertising and files to terminals
  • Ability to control each terminal remotely; sending commands to reset terminal or test one particular device
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